Biggest Challenges faced by a Freelancer – Explainer Videos


  • Time Zone differences – It majorly happens that when client wants to discuss with you , you are not available due to difference in the timings. You happen to see the messages in your morning and respond as soon you see but the cycle keeps going until you and your client agree to discuss on a particular time —- hmm very frustrating for both!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

  • Unrealistic demands – Now when you are with the client discussing the project, you are very sure to get some unrealistic demands regarding deadlines, quality, budget, requirement changes etc.. coming from your client. Like –

    1. Client A – We need the Explainer Video to be done in next 24 hours and the reference given by client was of very high quality…Now here ,is it really possible ?? Does people really think that making Explainer Videos is such an easy and quick task.

    2. Client B – I have a large number of Videos to do but I want to start on first to test how it will go.. Now here the client’s budget is really low but to grab a freelancer he already described that he has a large number of videos to do…

  • Again working on low budget would be a real loss for any freelancers and it is unreal since Explainer videos are not so cheap.

  • Working on Milestones payments – Freelancers are bound to work on milestones payments. Missing of any milestones can be a great loss to the Freelancer. Analysis of correct milestone with correct amount is a very crucial task since client always wants to pay for the piece of work he would get.                                                             

  • Strange Customer Behaviour – Many a times client refuses to co-operate with the freelancer during the process. Sometimes you get to hear from them that they want to cancel the project and freelancers do not get paid for the work they had done. Due to this there will be a great impact on a Freelancer’s profile .  

  • Searching for new work – Freelancers have to struggle a lot for finding new work .. While working on a project you always need to look for other projects too else there will be a time when you will have nothing on your plate.                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • Work – Life Balance – For a freelancer, almost all the clients have a mind – set that they are available all the time. Freelancers have to always remember this and should make themselves available to at least respond to the clients on weekends and have a proper communication.                                                                                                       




Do watch this space for the next blog on how to deal with such situations. People reading this do let us know if they are really interested in this topic and what other things they want to know….

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